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Moving From Policy to Action –Investing On Youth and Ensuring Leaving No Youth Behind

International Youth Forum

The International Youth Forum (IYF) is a platform that provide young people with the opportunity to present their concerns and ideas to Member States and help shape the direction of World Development. 

Every year young people from different entities come together at the IYF to discuss and debate thematic areas of concern. The forum culminates in a series of recommended actions to be presented at the International Entities i.e United Nations.


Participate and engage in new initiatives and opportunities to bring real impact to local and global communities.​


Join a cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder dialogue on current global development and pursuit of Peace, social justice and SDG’s.


Co-create and design solutions that drive action for sustainable development, Peace building, Human Rights. ​


Build partnerships and motivation through connecting with influential young leaders, experts and practitioners in global issues

It's Time for You to Make a Move

Our Team:

The International Youth Forum team is an esteemed passionate young people from around the world who are advocating on the topic of human rights and sustainable development goals, being determined to the change the world and secure a better future for the coming generations. It was started with the thought that Another World is needed and together it’s possible. 

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IYF engagement and Youth partnership is always the essential step toward accomplishing sustainable development goals. With this objective this year international youth day celebration was with the slogan ‘Safe Spaces for Youth’.
Phoolam Chaudhary
UN Permanent Forum On Indigenous Issues- UNPFII
Thanks to the IYF for hosting the event here in Nepal. Large numbers of diverse youth are present in this conference and it is very proud moment as we can see youth are interested in Human right and development.
Prof. Dr. Pam Rajput​
Vice –President –Mahila Dakshata Samiti / Women, 2030 Chandigarh
Thanks for IYF to organise and for inviting energetic youth from different part of the world and able to grab concrete idea.If we hope for change it can be through the youth that is IYF doing here. IYF has the vision of making world Sustainable.
Madhav Prasad Dhungel​
National Youth Council Nepal, Ministry of Youth and Sports
IYF gives Hope to all Young peoples and also Substantive equality, fair distribution of opportunities and resource for development are main part of equality.IYF has provided common ground to collaborate and raise the voice. So let’s be together for the goal.
Bandana Rana
  • International Youth Forum