About Us

The International Youth Forum team is an esteemed passionate young people from around the world who are advocating on the topic of human rights and sustainable development goals, being determined to the change the world and secure a better future for the coming generations. It was started with the thought that Another World is needed and together it’s possible.


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Goals & Objectives

Increase the participation of young people and youth organizations in society, as well as in decision-making processes.

Promote the exchange of ideas and experience, mutual understanding, as well as the equal rights and opportunities among young people

Uphold intercultural understanding, democracy, respect, diversity, human rights, active citizenship, and solidarity;

Contribute to the development of youth work in other regions of the world.

Positively influence policy issues affecting young people and youth organizations, by being a recognized partner for international institutions, namely the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, Commonwealth and African Union and Etc.,

To impart education about human rights & Sustainable Development Goals to the youth for peace, tolerance and cooperation; 

Promote the concept of youth policy as an integrated and cross-sectoral element of overall policy development, namely through youth mainstreaming;


Facilitate the participation of young people through the development of sustainable and independent youth organizations at the national and international level, particularly in respect to ensuring dependable, adequate funding for them;

To empower youth to enable them to realize their rights & responsibilities through education, on Human Rights & Sustainable Development Goals awareness by collective action;

To promote a common understanding, based on international instruments, of basic principles and methodologies for human rights & education;

To raise an informative generation on the current situation of youth and human rights conflicts with anticipated behaviour adaptation and consequently admission to decision making amongst youth;

To foster youth action towards implementation of ideas brought forward by the young people for the benefit of the societies


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International Youth Forum
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International Youth Forum